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Whether you’re looking to build a computer room or create more storage space in one of your classrooms, contact Denis Heffernan Fitted Furniture today and speak with us about how we could assist you in creating open plan, efficient systems for your school. We specialise in creating dynamic seating arrangements that maximise learning potential through student engagement and collaboration. CAD is available with all of our projects, allowing you to visualise how your space will look, as well as spotting potential improvements and re designs.

Heffernan Fitted Furniture Bedrooms


Designing a space that allows your employees to engage with each other and collaborate on projects is key to maximising your teams potential in coming up with creative solutions to problems as well as their development. Let Denis Heffernan Fitted Furniture assist you in creating a space for your staff that is in inviting and functional. We can assist you in creating extra space for storage. Whether you’re building a new office or you are looking to refurbish your current space, Denis Heffernan Fitted Furniture has 30 years of experience in quality woodwork. We offer competitive pricing across all of our services and can work with your budget to find a solution that caters to your needs and your budget.